Jewelry care

All jewelry must be treated with care to ensure its longevity.

Silver has a tendency to tarnish over time. But when it is cleaned often with a soft cloth, its shine returns. Remove jewelry before sports, swimming, showering, house cleaning, laundry.

Sea or pool water can alter our jewelry. Also, its contact with agents containing chemical elements such as: perfume, salt, air, sulphur, creams for the skin, varnish, chlorine and the acidic ph of the skin should be avoided, because they can cause oxidation.

Oxidation of silver is therefore not a manufacturing defect.

Dancing Jewels

The same applies to jewelry that is gold plated. Although our company does not do simple gilding, but Vermeil which in itself gives the jewelry a longer life, you should still treat them with care.

Discoloration of the jewelery is observed over time, however this is part of the normal wear and tear of the jewelery and is not recognized as a manufacturing defect. Avoid contact with hard surfaces that may scratch the metal.


The correct storage of your jewelry is an important factor in its appearance, but also in its lifespan. They should be stored away from sunlight, heat and moisture, in a protective lined box. They can also be stored in a ziplock plastic bag made of mylar or polyethylene. Never use poly vinyl plastic bags (like the ones we use in trash cans) as they contain sulfur compounds, which oxidize silver faster. Never store your jewelry wet. Always dry with a soft cloth before storage.