Payment methods

Cash on delivery

The products you have ordered arrive via ELTA Courier and you pay the value of the products of your order at the time of receipt. There is an additional charge of €2.50.


By credit or debit card

If you have a VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover or Diners credit or debit card, you can use it securely through our order form. Your transactions in our online store are completely secure.


By depositing into a bank account

To pay for your purchases, you can deposit the amount corresponding to your order to one of the following bank accounts by writing the order number and your name in the justification.

The available bank accounts are:

National Bank

IBAN: GR56 0110 7110 0000 7110 0283 200

Piraeus Bank

IBAN: GR15 0172 0670 0050 6707 5422 992

Beneficiary: GROUPE RICH

Any bank costs of the deposit from a different bank are charged to the customer.

After depositing the amount please contact us by e-mail to let you know that your deposit has been made. Alternatively call us at +30 210 3005718