How to find ring size

There are easy ways to find the right ring size for you. Take a measuring tape or thread and a ruler, and follow the instructions below.

1st Way – Inside diameter

  1. Take a ring that you have at home and make for you and, with the help of a ruler, measure in millimeters (mm) the inside diameter.


  1. Match the millimeters (mm) you found with 2the column of table 2.

Example: If your measurement is 17.4mm then your ring size is size 55.

2nd Way – Internal perimeter

  1. Wrap the measuring tape or thread around your finger to make a complete circle around it, without tightening it.
  2. With a pen mark on the thread where it meets its end.
  3. Open the thread again in a straight line.
  4. Using the ruler, measure in millimeters (mm) the length of the thread from the end of the thread to the point marked with the pen. This is the inner perimeter.
  1. The millimeters of the inner circumference correspond to the first column of table 1.


  1. When looking for the ring size it is good to keep in mind that:
    • Both our hands are not always the same size. Therefore, if you know the number you wear on one hand, it does not mean that it will be the same on the other.
    • A ring is better to be slightly larger than normal than smaller. For example if your measurement gives you 53.6 mm, (between 53 and 54) you better choose a ring size 54.
    • Remember that your fingers may swell a bit during the day or on warmer days.
    • The joints of the finger are also important in the size of the ring, as the ring will have to pass through them first.

    ** 1 centimeter = 10 millimeters. So if the measurement is 4.68 centimeters (cm) that equals 46.8 millimeters (mm)